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May 14, 2009 2:00 PM

What to Watch: Thursday

7pm ET - ESPN – NBA Playoffs, Game 6: Celtics @ Magic - If the Magic lose this game Stan Van Gundy should be instantly fired.

7pm - Versus – NHL Playoffs, Game 7: Ducks @ Red Wings - The Ducks have scrapped their way to a Game 7, but a seventh game in Hockeytown, USA? That's going to be tough to win.

9:30pm - Versus – NHL Playoffs, Game 7 (joined in progress): Hurricanes @ Bruins - The Bruins looked awful through the first four games but have turned it around since and now look to complete their rally from down 3-1 to win the series.

9:30pm - ESPN – NBA Playoffs, Game 6: Lakers @ Rockets - Everyone's thinking this series is over. But those are the same people that thought the Lakers would crush the Rockets in Game 4.

Non-sports pick - 9pm - NBC - The Office - I don't want to ruin it - so I'll just say they might be moving towards tying up a loose end.

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