RCS Sidelines

May 19, 2009 5:15 PM

What to Watch: Tuesday

7:30pm ET - Versus – NHL Eastern Conference Finals, Game 2: Blackhawks @ Red Wings - Blackhawks were a great story this year, but their days are probably numbered against a veteran Wings team.

8:30pm - ESPN - NBA: Draft Lottery - The fact that they don't actually show the lottery balls really does make you wonder if it's rigged. Well, let's see if the Knicks get the top pick.

9pm - ESPN – NBA Western Conference Finals, Game 1: Nuggets @ Lakers - Lakers took three out of four during the regular season, but the Nuggets have been playing much better than the regular season, and the Lakers have played much worse.

Non-sports pick - 11pm - Daily Show - Newt Gingrich is the guest. Even if you hate the man - he's usually a good interview.

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