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May 8, 2009 2:00 PM

What to Watch: Weekend Edition

7pm - Versus – NHL Playoffs, Game 4: Capitals @ Penguins - Penguins have a chance to even the series.

7pm - ESPN – NBA Playoffs, Game 3: Celtics @ Magic - The Magic let the Celtics walk all over them in Game 2. They should have a better performance at home.

9:30pm - ESPN – NBA Playoffs, Game 3: Lakers @ Rockets - Expect more of the physical nature from game two. The Lakers will be without Fisher. (Also, please put away all wooden tables.)

9:30pm - Versus – NHL Playoffs, Game 4: Bruins @ Hurricanes - The Canes could take a 3-1 advantage over the East's top-seeded Bruins (joined in progress).

Non-sports pick - 8pm - Fx - Ray - Jamie Foxx's portrayal of Ray Charles is amazing.

12pm - ESPN2 - Brown @ John Hopkins - In general, it's smart schools that are good at lacrosse...yet Syracuse is the top-ranked lacrosse school. The exception that proves the rule?

2pm - NBC - PGA: Players Championship - Tiger was just 1-under after the first round. It's about time he started winning or else golf will continue its slide to obscurity.

3:30pm - Fox – MLB: Rays @ Red Sox
- OR - Braves @ Phillies
- OR -Giants @ Dodgers

5pm - ESPN – NBA Playoffs, Game 3: Nuggets @ Mavericks - The Mavs must figure a way to slow down the Nuggets. They're getting killed on fast break points.

7pm - ESPN2 - NCAA Men's Volleyball Championship: USC vs. UC Irvine - Is it really surprising two southern California teams are in the final?

7pm - Fox - NASCAR: Southern 500 - Starting grid.

7pm - Versus – NHL Playoffs, Game 5: Penguins @ Capitals - Blame Yanni for the games on back-to-back nights.

8pm - ABC – NBA Playoffs, Game 3: Cavaliers @ Hawks - The Hawks are used to getting blown out on the road and then coming home and playing much better.

9pm - ESPN2 - MLS: FC Dallas @ Dynamo - Both teams are really bad. They have three wins in a combined 13 games.

10:30pm - Versus – NHL: 5: Blackhawks @ Canucks - The series is tied two games a piece after the Blackhawks comeback victory Thursday night.

Non-sports pick - 1:45pm - Starship Troopers - Remember when adult Neil Patrick Harris was known for this movie for about 10 years before Harold and Kumar?

12:30pm - TBS – MLB : Braves @ Phillies - Some NL East baseball to start your Sunday.

2pm - NBC - PGA: Players Championship, final round - Is there a better sport to have on TV during a nap than golf? We submit that there is not.

3:30pm - ABC – NBA Playoffs, Game 4: Lakers @ Rockets - After the melee that broke out Friday, Adam Morrison will be facing off against Von Wafer in a game of paper, rock, scissors to determine the winner of this game.

7:30pm - Versus – NHL Playoffs, Game 5: Hurricanes @ Bruins - What will Boston fans do? The Bruins at 7:30...

8pm - ESPN – MLB: Rays @ Red Sox - …the Sox at 8pm…

8pm - TNT – NBA Playoffs, Game 4: Celtics @ Magic - …and the Celtics also at 8pm! Seems like the perfect excuse to hit the sports bar.

Non-sports pick - 10pm - Comedy Central - Jim Gaffigan: King Baby - This special premiered about a month and a half ago, but it's new to me!

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