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June 5, 2009 12:05 PM

Dodgers Continue to Dominate RCS MLB Power Ranking Averages

The Dodgers spend another week as the unanimous #1 ranked team in the RCS MLB Power Ranking Averages, where they have spent six of the last seven weeks. At the other end, the Nationals are the unanimous choice as the worst team in baseball.

The club making the biggest climb up the rankings this week is the White Sox, who rose from 22nd to 15th. Taking the biggest drop over the week was the Royals, who fell from 15th to 21st.

WhatIfSports rankings were not included this week, as they continued to be completely nonsensical, and after some reader complaints were received. Only so many weeks of having the Red Sox and Nationals five ranking spots apart can be allowed before we had to say, “Maybe this isn't the best representation of the actual power structure in MLB.”

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