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June 25, 2009 12:05 PM

Don't Mess With (Old Men in) Texas

old%20man.jpgIt sure can be frustrating when people in front of you are golfing too slowly. Feels like they are holding up your whole day. Especially if you are old and the group in front of you is a foursome of twenty-something’s. Eventually, you might work up the nerve to go say something to the group, but if they don’t comply, there is clearly only one option left: start being crazy.

This is just what 73-year-old Edwin Daily did in Austin, TX. He approached the group in front of him at the 9th hole, argued with them for 4 holes and then on the 13th, told one of the men that he would go get his gun and “make them both equal” (in his defense, I’m sure they were being jerks, but still). This was just a precursor to what Daily did after they had finished golfing in the parking lot.

After a verbal exchange, Dailey pulled out a .25-caliber Browning handgun loaded with hollow-point bullets and pointed it at Nader, the affidavit said.
Daily then put the gun away and went into the clubhouse, at which point the threatened men called 911. Daily’s response is pure, classic crazy-Texas-old-man: "If I feel threatened, I am morally obligated to destroy you."

The moral of the story here is don’t golf slow in Texas, because it makes old men feel threatened, at which point they are clearly morally obligated to destroy you.

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