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June 11, 2009 12:25 PM

Remember Tim Donaghy? Well, He Got Beat Up

The past couple years have been less than enjoyable for everyone’s favorite NBA referee with tied to the mob. Let’s review:

  • Resigned from the NBA in July of 2007 (it’s as though he just KNEW the FBI was set to begin an investigation. WEIRD)

  • In July, the FBI conducted their investigation – part of an organized-crime probe – trying to determine if Donaghy bet on games that he officiated, and if he made calls affecting point spreads

  • By August, Donaghy was pleading guilty to two felony charges, “alleging he took cash payoffs from gamblers and bet on games himself”

  • One year later, Donaghy was sentenced to 15-months in prison

  • Well, those 15 months are just about up, and Donaghy is set for release on June 17 –- oddly, the same day as Game 7 of the NBA Finals (if necessary). So, how’s prison been?

    Donaghy’s release date has recently been in question due to concerns about his medical condition. Donaghy was injured during an assault in November of 2008. During the assault, another inmate claiming ties to the New York mob beat Donaghy with a heavy object. Donaghy suffered severe knee and leg injuries that will require surgery.
    Donaghy won't comment, but the ever popular "source" said, "...the former referee was unsure why he was assaulted and hit 'several times with a paint-rolling stick.'" The mob does not play nice (pleasedon'thurtme).

    Donaghy, who is very smart, very crafty, will now join a rehabilitation center. Then what?

    Plans. Schemes. He keeps talking about getting back together with his old friends - "the gang," as he likes to call them, you know. Yeah, they're hatching something, you can count on that.

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