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June 16, 2009 4:30 PM

The Summer Sports Lull

It took a few days, but the summer lull of sports fully settled in today as I found myself watching a College World Series game, and I’m not even a big baseball fan. We just witnessed a great NBA season with an intriguing playoff, and an NHL season capped off with a Stanley Cup Playoffs that was exciting enough to bring back some casual fans the sport had lost before the strike season of five years ago.

Every month this year has brought with it a whirlwind of sports action. Bowl games and NFL playoffs in January. February started off with a Super Bowl as exciting as you could hope for. March thru May gave us a full plate of “March” Madness, NBA and NHL playoff races, perhaps the greatest first round series in the history of the NBA (Bulls-Celtics), and overall, the Stanley Cup playoffs were even more exciting than the NBA. In June, we got the NBA finals, Federer finally winning the French, and a Stanley Cup Game 7. So what does that leave between now and the start of football season?

Sure, we will have the US Open (golf) this upcoming weekend and a few other events scattered about – Wimbledon, Tour de France, the occasional soccer game, and from time to time baseball can hold my interest (usually when beer is involved). The NBA draft will distract us for a day, the British Open is always entertaining TV, as is the Little League World Series (I always like hearing that Joey’s favorite food is pizza, and his favorite actor is Will Smith), but truly, we are in sports no-man’s land, at least until preseason football.

There are no Olympics or World Cup this year to occupy a good chunk of the summer. And with how good, and therefore distracting and time-consuming sports have been this year, maybe that’s a good thing. I guess it’s time to load up the cooler and see what this ‘outdoors’ is all about. Looking for an activity in the sports downtime? Maybe play some of these BBQ sports.

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