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June 3, 2009 3:35 PM

Top 10 BBQ Backyard Sports

Despite what your calendar may say, summer is here.  With the Memorial Day Weekend acting as the unofficial start, spring has given way to its warmer cousin, and with it, days at the beach, afternoons spent running under sprinklers, day baseball games, and, of course, the smell of charcoal in the air.

If spring and fall are for picnics, then summer is clearly the seasonal domain of the BBQ.  There are few ways better to beat the heat than sitting in a shady backyard, cool beverage in hand, while hamburgers and hot dogs are being grilled.

But after a hamburger (or three), and as the potato salad begins to sour, the attention begins to shift from the BBQ food to the BBQ sports (it should be noted that after consuming half a cow and a bucket of “soda,” the definition of sport is loosened at barbeques).  Usually involving little to no movement, and an always-free hand for that “soda,” the sports played at your neighborhood cookout won’t help you burn calories or get you in shape, but the Top 10 BBQ Sports will most certainly provide you entertainment all summer long, whether it’s washers, cornhole or horseshoes.

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