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July 9, 2009 9:45 AM

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due to ESPN

ESPN is often a target for blogs. They are an easy to aim for because of how much they dominate the sports landscape. But critics point out that many blogs only attack ESPN, and never give the network praise. Well, this week I found a reason to praise the WWL.

These long summer months are among the slowest times in sports. Baseball is only reaching the midway point, there’s a golf or tennis major here and there, but that’s about it until NFL training camps begin. It’s not as if ESPN is broadcasting any less during these times. They still have 24 hours to fill and hour-long SportsCenter’s to produce. ESPN often fills this time with horrible gimmicks, like Who's Now?, Mount Rushmore of Sports, Greatest Highlights with Chris Berman (did I say I was going to praise ESPN?), Steve Phillips’ fake press conferences (almost done here), Titletown USA, and most recently, America’s Team. But this week ESPN has found a way to fill time without giving me the same feeling as spending a whole Saturday watching a Real World marathon (don’t pretend you haven’t done it).
This week ESPN continued their “My Wish” series.

With help from the Make a Wish Foundation and Disney, ESPN has been showing the dreams of kids who have had to deal with life-threatening illnesses come true. Now this is the type of thing that should be filling the dead time. It shines a good light on the athletes that participate, and on Disney/ESPN. So to ESPN I say, well done. Thanks for providing something that’s not a simple gimmick that’s easy and cheap to produce.

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