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July 30, 2009 11:30 AM

More Fun With MLB's Trade Deadline

Having already touched on the Phillies this morning, we should also take a look at the opposite end of the Keystone State's baseball spectrum: the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Pirates have not had a winning record since 1992 (!), and what's been the common theme during the past 17 seasons -- too many players on the roster! Which is why the 2009 edition of the Pirates have set out to trade away everyone.

They got started early (who wants to wait for the trading deadline??), sending Nate McLouth to the Atlanta Braves in June, in exchange for Charlie Morton. Weeks later, the Pirates traded Nyjer Morgan and Sean Burnett to the Nationals for Joel Hanrahan and Lastings Milledge. On the same day, they turned around and shipped Eric Hinske to the Yankees (seemingly for nothing).

Things were quiet for a few weeks in Pittsburgh, but that changed last Wednesday, when they traded Adam LaRoche to the Red Sox and in return received ... some minor leaguers you've never heard of. Then GM Neal Huntington took a look around the clubhouse and decided there were still too many Major League ballplayers on his team, so Ian Snell and Jack Wilson were forced to walk the plank; taking their places was the Mariners' Jeff Clement and Ronny Cedeno. Finally, late yesterday, All-Star shortstop and 2006 NL batting champion Freddy Sanchez was sent to San Francisco in a trade for AA pitcher Tim Alderson.

At this point, I have to assume that Captain Jolly Roger is the starting right fielder.

But it's not all bad. In fact, they may have even got the better end of that Sanchez deal. Just ask Giants fans over at McCovey Chronicles.

I was genuinely angry when I heard that Alderson was being discussed in the trade. 1:44 PM

Alderson? Where did that name creep in? Please say you were kidding. 3:04 PM

Twitter says it is for F****** ALDERSON!!!!!!!! 3:50 PM

s****y f****n s**tf**k. it better not be alderson. 3:51 PM

Sabean…. you’re a f****** idiot. 3:55 PM

Over/Under on Alderson's First Cy Young 2013? 3:56 PM

Under! 2009. /dies 3:56 PM

Who said the MLB trade deadline was boring?

Thanks to Caleb for the tip.

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