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July 22, 2009 12:35 PM

OMG! TMZ to Release (a) Video of LeBron Getting Dunked On (UPDATE WITH VIDEO!)

TMZ has apparently obtained a cell phone video of the infamous dunk by Xavier’s Jamal Crawford on LeBron James. They will run it on TMZ TV today (6pm on Fox (at least in Philly)) and release the video on their website at 6:45. TMZ is very excited about having video of this covered up incident.

LeBron's people and Nike reportedly confiscated all video proof of the moment LeBron got taken to the HOLE -- but we finally found the one SURVIVING copy of the moment LeBron became LeBitch ... and it's awesome!!!!

But before you get as excited as TMZ (I know, that might be impossible), take a look at this screen cap.


Oh boy! Grainy video from far away! I’m sure the video is of LeBron, but really it could be of anyone at anytime getting dunked on. Hopefully the release of this video will at least finally put this incident behind us and allow everyone to move on with their lives.

UPDATE: TMZ has posted the video. Prepare to be disappointed.

UPDATE II: eBaum Nation has a much better version of the dunk. Thanks for nothing, TMZ.

The Video LeBron Never Wanted You to See!!! - TMZ
TMZ to release Nike Confiscated LeBron James Getting Dunked on Video Today !! - Hey Kobe!
via Shanoff's W.U.C - The Sporting Blog

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