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August 14, 2009 1:20 PM

Phil Sheridan's NIMBYism

Phil Sheridan is a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer. He believes Michael Vick fully deserves a second chance in the NFL, he just doesn’t want Vick playing for the Eagles.

Vick deserves the chance to return to his chosen profession.

Just not here.

This is a classic “Not in My Backyard” philosophy. If Sheridan’s reasoning was that Vick doesn’t make football sense on the Eagles, that I’d understand. But it’s not.
It just isn't worth it. Not from a football standpoint, which is secondary, and not from any other standpoint.
If you believe Vick deserves to come back to the NFL, you have to be willing to support him back on your team; otherwise you don’t really support him coming back to the NFL. If you accept Vick back in the NFL, you should accept him on any team.

I’m sure Sheridan is not alone in saying that he supported Vick so that he could sound like he believes in second chances, redemption and the American way. But when the cards were laid out on the table and Vick officially joined the Eagles, Sheridan was against it. The idea of “let him play, but let him play somewhere else” shows your true thoughts. If that is your line of thinking then you didn’t want Vick reinstated in the first place.

Vick Not Worth the Trouble for Eagles - Phil Sheridan, Philadelphia Inquirer

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