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November 11, 2009 5:20 PM

What is the Worst-Case Scenario for the BCS?

In a short answer, this:

National Championship - TCU vs. Boise State

Rose Bowl - Oregon State vs. Wisconsin

Orange Bowl - Pittsburgh vs. Duke

Sugar Bowl - LSU vs. Georgia Tech

Fiesta Bowl - Kansas State vs. Alabama

Amazingly, it could happen. Yes, it's extremely unlikely of course, but it still COULD happen, as Sean Keeley at Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician points out. 

And of course, the other thing we don't like to admit is that these situations usually have a way of working themselves out.  Boise State will lose a game they're not supposed to, TCU will lose to Utah, Cincinnati will run into a wall against West Virginia or Pittsburgh and then it's just a matter of who wins the SEC Championship in order to find out who plays Texas for the title.

Some a-hole will write an article about how the BCS got it right (as if the BCS did anything other than simply exist), Beano Cook will get to use words like "pageantry," TV ratings will be solid and all will be "right" with the world.

But what if...

What if just once all of the tumblers fell into place? Or in the case of this discussion...out of place.  What if every single thing that could go wrong for the BCS went wrong over the next couple weeks?  What if the BCS Doomsday Scenerio happened?

Duke playing in a BCS game? TCU and Boise State for the title? That'd probably be enough for college football to rethink the whole BCS thing.

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