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November 18, 2009 9:35 AM

Breaking News! Belichick Still a Good Coach

Belichick unhappy.jpgWe all know what happened in Indianapolis Sunday night. I don't need to repeat the scenario in which Belichick went for it on fourth down. Everyone has weighed in on the decision and either lambasted Belichick or praised him. Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports summed it up:

"It was a perfect setup for ego-driven gratification, guaranteed to paint him as an avant garde genius or a misunderstood martyr: Either the Pats would convert the first down and win the game, and Belichick would be heralded as the shrewdest coach in America, or they'd fall short and lose, and he'd be pummeled by lesser mortals like me who simply don't understand football on a higher plane."
First off, if Faulk holds onto that ball, Belichick is a hero. Secondly, who's to say the Colts wouldn't have marched right down the field even if the Pats had punted? But those scenarios aside, can't a coach make a call and it not be the end of the world? The Patriots lost the football game and fell to 6-3. They are still two games up in their division. Clearly, Belichick has made a lot of right moves as a head coach or he wouldn't have three Super Bowl rings. Do people really think it was his ego that made him decide to go for it in that scenario? Do they think Belichick was hanging out on the sideline and thought, 'I'm a freakin' genius and I want everyone to know it! We're going for it right here so the focus shifts from this team's success to my legacy as the best coach ever."

He made, what he thought, was the best decision at the time, and it failed by a matter of inches. Belichick neither deserves to be hailed as a God nor skewered as a scapegoat. Can't we just say that he's a very good coach whose decision didn't work out this time?

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