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November 11, 2009 11:20 AM

Cleveland Is Not the Answer

We all know the Allen Iverson situation is not working out in Memphis. We all know the AI situation did not work out last year in Detroit. AI wants the ball, and he wants it a lot; in Detroit and Memphis, they felt AI best served the team by coming off the bench, in both situations, Iverson disappeared from the team. In Detroit it was for an injury, and in Memphis it was for "personal problems." Who knows if those were real reasons or manufactured reasons for leaving his teams? It's likely the injury was his pride and his personal problem was coming off the bench.

But fear not, Michael Wilbon claims to have found the perfect landing spot for Iverson. Probably somewhere he can still be one of the top scorers and a go-to-guy in crunch time right? Well, not exactly. Wilbon thinks Iverson would be a fit in Cleveland.

But coming off the bench to support LeBron and Shaq? That's another story. And, again, joining Cleveland would give Iverson a chance to win.

You think so? Iverson would suddenly become the third biggest name on his own team. You think he's okay with that? Doesn't sound like the AI I know. You have to think Iverson chose Memphis because he thought he would start. He likely got an offer from some contender, but declined it to go to Memphis.

Wilbon goes on to contend:

Iverson joining LeBron would be like Randy Moss leaving the Raiders (which he hated, just like Iverson hates being with the Grizzlies) to hook up with Tom Brady in New England.

Not exactly. Randy Moss was brought in to be the No. 1 receiver for the Patriots, to liven up their offense. AI would be brought to Cleveland to score points in the second quarter and then take a back seat to LeBron and Shaq. That won't work. Not to mention what kind of "mentor" he'd be for Delonte West. If Cleveland is smart, they'll stay far away from Allen Iverson.

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