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November 13, 2009 10:00 AM

Guess Who Matt Millen Liked Thursday Night?

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With Cris Collinsworth having moved on to announce Monday Night Football, the NFL Network rolled out its new announcing tandem in last night's game, Bob Papa and Matt Millen.

Millen, if you don't remember, was the Detroit Lions GM who amassed a horrible record and was chastised for poor drafts and picking too many wide receivers in the first round; particularly drafting busts who didn't always grasp the mental part of the game.

Well guess which player Millen gushed over every time the 49ers had the ball? Yep, Michael Crabtree.

You might think Millen would want to avoid frequent compliments on a rookie WR, especially one who held out well into the regular season, right? Nope. Millen seemed intent on breaking down Crabtree's strengths and repeatedly saying what great potential Crabtree has. Millen likely tried to draft him before the game and probably had to be reminded frequently by the NFL Network not to try and draft him while on air.

Now, to be fair, Millen was very complimentary of several players on both teams throughout the night, despite the sloppiness of the game, not just Crabtree. And also in his defense, he did finally get it right with his many WR picks when the Lions took Calvin Johnson in 2007. But still, he probably could have avoided lavishing quite so much praise on the upside of a young, but possibly troubled wide out.

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