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November 20, 2009 1:03 PM

Iverson Not the 'Answer' for Knicks

After much debate about whether or not to sign Allen Iverson, Knicks President Donnie Walsh made it clear Friday that they will not pursue the former MVP.

Team president Donnie Walsh said Friday the team won't make any additions at this time despite its 2-9 record. He added the decision to pass on the former MVP had nothing to do with Iverson's ability to play.
It's actually a little bit surprising considering that earlier in the week it was reported that there was a 90% chance they would sign Iverson. Walsh cited the need to develop their younger players as one of the main arguments against the signing.

...the Knicks remain committed to building with young players such as Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler, and felt a player who shoots as much as Iverson could hinder that.

"We feel like that could hurt our development in the future, so we want to go the way we're going," Walsh said. "There will be other things we can do during the year that will be more in line with what our philosophy has been entering into this."

This is likely a ploy to develop inexpensive role players so when they make their move for LeBron, and/or a few other big name free agents next year, they'll have plenty of cap space and the promise that no-one will take touches away from the players they sign.

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