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November 19, 2009 8:00 AM

Iverson Not the Answer for Magic

Iverson not answer.jpgNow that Allen Iverson has been cut loose by the Grizzlies, there's been a lot of talk about where he might end up. The Knicks, Heat, and Hornets all have been mentioned as possible candidates to add Iverson. George Diaz of the Orlando Sentinel thinks the Magic should be in that mix.

All Rich DeVos has to do is cut a check for $1.8 million, take a deep breath, and not get too caught up in the specifics of Iverson's problems. Selfish, disruptive, petulant, among other adjectives, come to mind.

What could possibly go wrong?? Diaz thinks the Magic could use Iverson now that Jameer Nelson is out 4-6 weeks with a torn meniscus.

So who do you want behind the wheel -- erratic Jason Williams, who turns 34 today, 35-year-old Anthony Johnson, or a 10-time all-star and league MVP?

This is where Diaz is wrong.

The Magic are much better off with Jason Williams and Anthony Johnson. He categorizes Williams as erratic but through the first 12 games of the season his assist to turnover ratio is 4.9. Yes, the two are old but they have been durable. Last season Anthony Johnson played in 80 regular season games.

Last night, the Magic beat the Thunder, 108-94 to improve to 9-3 on the season. Jason Williams and Anthony Johnson combined to go 5/11 for 13 points, nine assists, and three turnovers. Those numbers are very similar to Jameer's 13.7 ppg, 5.5 apg, and his 44% field goal percentage. The two also held Russell Westbrook to 3-11 shooting for just 10 points. This is the sort of production the Magic need from the point guard position.

The Magic don't need what Allen Iverson brings. Between Vince Carter, Rashard Lewis, and Dwight Howard they don't need another big time scorer. They need a point guard looking to spread the ball around.

Magic time outs are going to be the place to be in the NBA. Think of the convergence of combustible coach Stan Van Gundy with combustible player Allen Iverson. Oh-ya! If Iverson lapses into his petulant rants, then cut him loose.

Now there's some good logic. He wants Iverson on the Magic because it will make for good theater? The Magic were in the NBA Finals last year and are hoping to go back. The last thing they want is drama. And you can't just bring in a player, cut him loose, and expect everything to go back the way it was. The damage will have already been done and sometimes it can't be reversed. If they bring in Iverson they're telling this team that they don't have enough to compete. The management will be letting it's players know it doesn't have faith that they can get it done.

The only place Iverson should go is somewhere they're looking to sell tickets for this season (Knicks seems like a good fit!). Iverson is certainly not the answer for the Magic.

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