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November 25, 2009 2:10 PM

More Rejection for the Bills

Bills logo.jpgRight now Tony Dungy is probably screening a call from the Buffalo Bills. The Bills have been in contact with pretty much every major ex-coach and they're having a tough time getting any interest in their organization. Since firing Dick Jauron, first the Bills reportedly contacted Jon Gruden who is apparently happier with his gig on Monday Night Football. Marty Schottenheimer recently took his name out of the running with his comments on the radio. Then there is Bill Cowher who turned down a chance to talk to the organization. Although Cowher did say he wouldn't entertain any offers until the season is over. Now Mike Holmgren has told the Bills he has no interest in the position. The only person who hasn't flat out rejected the Bills is Mike Shanahan. Shanahan plans on meeting with the Bills at some point soon. 

Most would say you have to give the Bills credit for reaching out to these people. It seems like they are finally willing to spend the money to bring in a head coach and/or GM who has a proven track record. Unless...unless this is all just to appease their fan base. How easy is it to contact these major names to bring false hope to fans in Buffalo? If they don't end up getting any of them, even if it's because they wouldn't meet their demands, at least they can say they tried. I don't think this is actually the case but you never know with the Bills. This is a team that picked up Terrell Owens in an attempt to sell tickets. But the more likely scenario is owner Ralph Wilson isn't getting any younger and sees this as one of his last chances to leave his mark on the organization.

UPDATE: ESPN reports Shanahan has met with the Bills the past two days and he said he was, "really impressed with Russ Brandon and everything he had to say. We're going to stay in touch and see what develops."

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