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November 11, 2009 4:20 PM

Saints Firmly Atop RCS NFL Power Ranking Averages

week 10.jpgThe Saints are the top team in the RCS NFL Power Ranking Averages for the fourth week in a row, earning a first place ranking from every site but CBS, who ranked the Colts first. While the Saints continue to hold down the top spot, the bottom spot has been active.

The Rams got themselves out of the cellar last week and this week, thanks to their win over the Packers, the Bucs have moved from 32nd up to 29th. Taking hold of dead last is the team that I believe to truly be the worst in the NFL, the Browns, who are unanimously ranked 32nd.

Top Matchups

  • 1:00 PM on CBS - No. 5 Bengals @ No. 4 Steelers
  • Sunday Night on NBC - No. 6 Patriots @ No. 2 Colts
Two great matchups this week. If the Colts can put together an impressive performance against the Patriots, they may be able to steal away some of those number-one ranking votes from the Saints, who can do nothing but hurt their chances by playing the lowly Rams. Meanwhile, the Bengals and Steelers will battle it out for the upper leg in the tough AFC North (and 4th place in the Power Rankings).
Division Overall average rankings

1. AFC North - 13.75
2. NFC East - 14.88
3. AFC South - 15.01
4. AFC East - 15.63
5. NFC South - 15.72
6. NFC North - 17.41
7. AFC West - 18.29
8. NFC West - 21.35

The AFC North remains the top division, despite the fact that they have the unanimously 32nd ranked Browns.

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