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November 12, 2009 10:30 AM

November Madness

bracket to fill in.jpgI'm the guy who just yesterday posted about the possibility of Iverson making the All-Star team. I'm the guy who predicted every NBA's team record BEFORE the season started. I'm the guy who gets excited to check out Yahoo!'s "Absurdly Premature Playoff Picture" for the NFL. I'm the guy who loves ridiculously early predictions. If someone projected a medal count of the 2072 Olympics, I'd read it word for word. Who saw Texas seceding and taking the bronze in pole vaulting?? And as far as absurdly early forecasts go, it's tough to beat predicting the 2010 NCAA Tournament seedings.

The season began Tuesday night, so why not let the predictions begin? What else is Bracketologist Joe Lunardi going to do. But someone has upstaged Lunardi! Why just predict the brackets? Why not predict the outcomes as well. This is what Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports did.

Check out Joe Lunardi's first crack at Bracketology and Jeff Goodman's prediction of the entire 2010 bracket.

Keep up the good work boys!

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