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November 11, 2009 9:20 AM

Phelps Has Let Himself Go

Old man not phelps.jpgMichael Phelps failed to qualify in two of three events at a World Cup meet in Sweden. He finished 16th in the 100m freestyle, was disqualified from the 100m backstroke for swimming too long under water, but he did qualify for the 100m medley.

But relax, you don't need to throw away your "Phelps fan" shirt yet. Last I checked, the next Olympics are in 2012, and not 2010. Phelps has plenty of time to get into better shape (which he admits he needs to do). Also, he was wearing an older swimsuit as opposed to the crazy polyurethane suits that caused just about every single record to be shattered in Beijing. Those suits will be banned at the beginning of the year and Phelps wanted to train with what he will have to wear in the near future. The other big factor is that these aren't Phelps' events. He didn't compete in any of these three events in the Olympics. Phelps did longer distance swims (besides the 100 butterfly) or relays in Beijing. But he's trying to push himself to conquer new events next time around and this is just one of the first steps in that process. It will take Phelps some time, but like I said, he's got a couple years.

To better gauge where Phelps is physically, today he will be swimming the 100 butterfly which was one of the events he won a gold for in Beijing. He will also be competing in the 200 medley heats.

Can you believe I made it through a whole Phelps' post without a pot joke?

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