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November 25, 2009 4:30 PM

A Rivalry's a Bruin

Bruins mascot USC prank.jpgPranks are a fun part of college rivalries. Just take a look at this Top 10 list of college sports pranks - they're pretty amazing. But the rivalry between USC and UCLA hasn't sparked many pranks until Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

The Los Angeles Times brings us this photo of the UCLA Bruin mascot, covered in USC cardinal-red paint. The paper gives a possible reason for the lack of pranks prior to this:

Despite the heated passions of rivalry week, there have been few pranks because officials from both universities have taken steps in recent years to protect icons on campus from vandalism.

But I have a different explanation. Over the past decade, USC has won nine of the 10 meetings with their crosstown rivals. They've been too good to prank the Bruins. But now, the Trojans are having their worst season since 2001. The only thing fans can look forward to is this rivalry. This prank is just another sign of the demise of the USC football team. Well, more likely it's just a sign that college kids have too much idle time on their hands and love vandalism.

Your move. UCLA.

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