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November 27, 2009 11:30 AM

Timberwolves Giving More Than Wins Away

The Timberwolves have looked foolish this year. First there was when they drafted three point guards in the first round of the NBA Draft (though they traded Lawson and drafting Ricky Rubio might work out in the end) and then there's how they've been playing. After winning their first game on a putback at the buzzer against the Nets, the Wolves have lost 14 in a row. Now though, they plan on making their fans look foolish. No, not for buying tickets (they've looked foolish for years by doing that) but by what they're giving away Friday night.

Kurt Rambis glasses.jpg

On Friday, when the Wolves face the Suns, the first 5,000 fans will receive a replica pair of Kurt Rambis's black-rimmed glasses. Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo must be rollin over in his grave. Rambis now coaches the Wolves, but as a player he was best remembered for his spectacles. He was best remembered for them because he looked ridiculous wearing them. He looked like that guy who plays pick-up with his shorts too high, and is so intense that no one wants to play with him or against him. Why he didn't just go the goggle route is beyond me. But he has now carved out a piece of kitch NBA history and it will be honored as such - with a cheap promo that probably won't draw any extra fans to the game. There is one positive to all this - the Wolves are encouraging fans to donate eyeglasses that will be given to Disabled American Veterans in Minnesota. You have to wonder though, do the Wolves really want more people to be able to see them play this year?

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