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November 6, 2009 10:00 AM

Yankees Fans Are the Worst

I've been living in New York City for about nine months now. I get annoyed very easily. These two things do not go well together. I've gotten pushed into a wall for mouthing off to New York's finest and I've gotten into shouting matches on the street. Guess you could say I'm like a true New Yorker. I mention this because despite getting annoyed on a daily basis, nothing has bothered me more than what I've recently been hearing from New Yorkers.

Yankees' fans are now coming out of the sewers like rats and they're all talking about how amazing it is that they won it all. What part do I get angry at first? Well, I hate when any fans act as if THEY won something. Did they teach Mariano Rivera to throw that splitter? Did they teach Matsui how to hit? Did they even paint A-Rod as a centaur? But that's not what really bothered me because that's something fans of every team do.

What bothers me is how they think it's been SO LONG since they last won it. WOW! Nine years! And you only made it to the World Series twice since then? How did you ever manage? You know that there are 23 teams that have not won since the last time the Yanks captured the title? And this isn't just anger directed towards the Yankees because of their obscene payroll. Did they buy the title? Yeah, pretty much. But I can't fault their organization for doing whatever it takes to win. This is solely about those fans that feel entitled to a championship. They remind me of this kid:

Except, this time they got the brand-new F150 they feel they deserve.

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