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January 8, 2010 11:30 AM

Arenas Makes Season Even Worse for Nets

Nets not happy.jpg35 games into the season the Nets are 23 games back of the Celtics (start your charge now! They'll never expect it!). They are on track to have the worst NBA season ever. But yesterday things got even worse for them. The New York Times reports the Nets have banned gambling on team flights. Of course, this is all Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton's fault. There have been other instances of gambling leading to player disputes but nothing quite like whatever happened between these two (not that we even completely know what did actually happen).

Players have been gambling in the NBA and all professional sports since, well, since the very beginning. One incident shouldn't ruin the fun for everyone else. These players are adults and if they want to gamble with their money on planes they should be allowed. It actually might be a good team-building activity. Plane rides provide valuable bonding time and gambling is a very social activity. Occasionally it gets heated but usually it's all in good fun. If they're not gambling maybe they will bury themselves in their headsets and not interact as much with each other. The Times article mentioned some think Stern might consider a league-wide ban on gambling on planes. Good luck with that. 

And of all teams to ban gambling, the Nets should be the last team to do so. At least when they're competing against each other someone on the Nets wins.

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