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January 7, 2010 11:40 AM

I Whole Heartedly Agree with...Gregg Doyel?

Oftentimes I have problems with Gregg Doyel's viewpoints. At times it seems like he takes a viewpoint just to be controversial. Well, today I'm here to say he seems to be the only one with a clue when it comes to Gilbert Arenas. While other columnists are making outrageous statements like saying Arenas deserves a lifetime ban, Doyel is correctly saying those people are idiots. His main point:
Arenas isn't evil or even, if you ask me, dangerous. He's a dork, is what he is. He's immature and inappropriate. He's the class clown, the guy who will inch right up to that line in search of a laugh and then, if you're not laughing yet, will sprint willingly over it. We all know people like Arenas, people who hide behind corners and scream "boo!" and seem genuinely baffled that the victim of their prank was more irritated than amused. Arenas is annoying, not nefarious.
He also blasts Peter Vecsey for his poorly researched, incorrect column that initially broke the incident. Doyel goes on to say that yes, Arenas should be punished and pay a stiff penalty, but talk of a lifetime ban is absolutely stupid. It doesn't happen often that I read a Gregg Doyel column and nod my head in approval the entire time, but it did today.

Crazy From (Packing) the Heat: Talk of Arenas Lifetime Ban is Ludicrous - Gregg Doyel, CBS

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