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January 26, 2010 12:06 PM

Glen Davis Cements Always Being Called 'Big Baby'

big baby.jpgThe Celtics forward wants a new nickname, claiming he is a new person and is shedding the past, including his life-long nickname. Well I don't know about you, but in my world nothing makes a nickname stick more than a person not wanting that nickname, particularly if the name is unflattering. Add in the fact that Davis has been called 'Big Baby' all his life, and there is simply no way I'm ever referring to him by any other name. I don't think I'll even say 'Glen Davis' again.

Davis wants nickname suggestions on his twitter page (@GlenDavisNBA). Feel free to go tweet to him that you plan on calling him Big Baby, or suggest 'Big Baby' as his nickname.

Davis thinks he has decided on a suggested nickname, 'Uno Uno' for his number 11, much like Chad Ochocinco. In declaring this his new nickname, Big Baby gives us even more reasons to continue to call him by his former moniker.

"I like that," he said. "I'll be 'Uno Uno.' That's my new name. Don't call me 'Big Baby' any more. 'Uno Uno.' I'm serious. If somebody calls me ('Big Baby'), I'll be really mad. I'm going to blast that out on Twitter and Facebook."
Wuh woh, is someone gonna get really mad if they get called 'Big Baby'?

Glen 'Big Baby' Davis Wants a New Nickname - Ball Don't Lie

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