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January 28, 2010 9:20 AM

Jay Mariotti Somehow Forgets Three Days Ago

jaym.jpgIn Jay Mariotti's column today at FanHouse he calls Kurt Warner a "rare great who shouldn't retire." Mariotti opens his column writing:

Normally, I run the Legacy Protection Program, urging premier athletes to retire so our fondest memories don't fade on a tear-drop canvas of creaking bones, senility and Viagra ads.

He goes on to say that Warner is an exception, and he should continue to play. This is fine, if taken as a statement by itself, but just THREE DAYS AGO he wrote a column entitled "I'm Not Afraid to Beg: Come Back, Brett" in which he uses the line "Come back, Brett. Please, come back."

Yeah Jay, sounds like you are urging older athletes to retire left and right. I'm ready for Mariotti's next column, "Mark Brunell, the One Athlete Who Shouldn't Retire."

Warner: Rare Great Who Shouldn't Retire - Jay Mariotti, FanHouse
I'm Not Afraid to Beg: Come Back, Brett - Jay Mariotti, FanHouse

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