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January 18, 2010 12:48 PM

The Week in Sports Columns, Vol. LIII

A look back at the week that was in sports, through the voices that tell the stories. Did we miss a column? Let us know in the comments.

Top Columns of the Week, January 11 to January 17, 2010

1. Kiffin Keeps Falling Forward to USC- Dan Wetzel, Yahoo! Sports

2. McGwire's Confession Falls Short- Ken Rosenthal, Fox Sports

3. Expect Respect...Results From Derek Dooley- David Climer, Tennessean

4. Time for a New Start for Arenas and Wizards- Michael Wilbon, Washington Post

5. Reds Betting House of Aroldis Chapman- Paul Daugherty, Cincinnati Inquirer

6. Beltran's Knee Surgery Raises Questions- Michael McCann, Sports Illustrated

7. Roger Maris Deserves Plaque and Apology- Mike Bianchi, Orlando Sentinel

8. Taking Risks Pays Off for Colts- Bob Kravitz, Indianapolis Star

9. The Patriots Dynasty Is Over- Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe

10. Contract Jumpers Put Stain on College Football- Ron Cook, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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