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January 14, 2010 11:12 PM

What's New at RCS Blog Network

Dear Readers:

Two months ago, we launched the RealClearSports Blog Network, with some of the best writers and bloggers in the business coming together to keep us on top on what's new in all things sports.

We were just getting started.

As you can see, we have given the front page of the Blog Network a facelift, as it is now both visually pleasing and information packed. On top of that, we are pleased to announce that we have become the new home for dozens of displaced bloggers formerly at the MVN network. Their previous entries at MVN are now all preserved here in our blog network, and of course, from now on, their talent will be on display everyday here at the RCS Blog Network.

We invite you to check with us daily, as our bloggers will be writing around-the-clock on topics as diverse as the NFL, NBA, NHL, fantasy sports, soccer and auto racing. You like tennis and golf? We got 'em covered, too. And during some of the big international events this year - Winter Olympics, FIFA World Cup and Tour de France - we will have special blogs set up in the blog network dedicated to exclusive daily coverage.

Thank you for your continued support. Your suggestions and comments are always appreciated. You may contact us at

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