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March 5, 2010 10:30 AM

Mercury vs. Men

Phoenix mercury.jpgYou know that guy who was a star basketball player on his high school team but wasn't good enough to play at any level in college? The same guy who still somehow manages to bring up his playing days eight years after the fact? He's the same guy who thinks he could take on anyone from the WNBA. Well, now that guy can get his chance. The Phoenix Mercury are holding tryouts for an all-male practice squad.

"I encourage any man who thinks he is on the same level or even thinks he can outplay the women from the Mercury to put his skills to the test and tryout for the practice team," said Mercury head coach Corey Gaines. "The men who are able to stay on pace at the tryouts will definitely be helpful to my players."

This is a brilliant idea. If the NFL could get practice players equal or better than the players on their team, they'd do it (ignore the fact that those practice squad players would then be on the actual team). And before you read too much into that, I'm not saying the men are necessarily going to be better than the women (although some might be). But they almost definitely will be more physical. And that physicality will translate into a tougher Mercury team which will undoubtedly be an advantage against any opponent. As long as they get a good talent pool of men to choose from, this should end up helping the team.

Maybe soon that impossible question will be answered, what is the male equivalent of a WNBA player? Now if we could only see if the UConn women in the men's NCAA Tournament.

(Editors note: In the book "Andy Roddick Beat Me With a Frying Pan", the author, who played PG in high school beat a pro female player in a one-on-one game 21-14. He also gives several examples of lower level men's teams playing even with high level women's teams.)

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