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March 18, 2010 5:33 AM

Stories You'll Soon Be Sick Of

Morgan State 4.jpgThis week at RCS we wrote about the Top 10 Stories of the NCAA Tournament. We wrote about Evan Turner returning from breaking his back, Derrick Caracter thriving after getting a second chance, and the amazing story of Montana's star and his wife among others. But now that the games are beginning to get underway, even more stories have come out. Some are tragic, some uplifting and some are a little of both. You might not hear much about some of these stories the first week, but if any of these players/teams make it to the Sweet 16, expect to hear a lot about them as the media fills three whole days without tournament basketball.

Big Brother vs. Little Brother
- Syracuse's Kris Joseph is probably the best sixth man in college basketball. He's the third leading scorer on the Orange and plays just as much as their starters. But how will he do against his older brother? Kris will square off against Maurice Joseph who plays for Vermont. Maurice is a senior whereas Kris is a sophomore but older doesn't mean bigger. Kris is 6'7 to Maurice's 6'4. This matchup will be mentioned at least 5-10 times during the broadcast.

Overcoming Cancer - BYU's coach Dave Rose was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The chances of survival are miniscule, yet here he is ready to coach in the NCAA Tournament after leading the Cougars to a record 29 wins.

The Real World: Cornell - What happens when you put 14 basketball players in a house together and people stop being polite and start being real? Actually, it's Cornell. They're all probably very polite people. The entire Cornell basketball team lives in a house together. That's right. All 14 players live under one roof. It's this type of chemistry that has led them to three straight Ivy league titles and why many are picking them as a possible Cinderella team.

Now for the sadder stories (you can stop now if you don't want these to bring you down on Day One of the tournament):

-All Morgan State players are wearing a #4 patch on their jerseys this year as a reminder of their teammate, Anthony Anderson. Anderson was diagnosed with leukemia at the beginning of the season. While he hasn't been able to be with the team, his text messages have provided an emotional lift for the Bears.

-The day before Murray State left for their first round game in San Jose, guard Picasso Simmons' mom died in a car accident.  He still plans on playing because he wants to honor her in that way.

-Vermont's Evan Fjeld had to deal with his mom's bout with breast cancer all year long. But towards the end of the season it got much worse. She was no longer able to attend the games and Fjeld didn't divulge any of this to his coaches or teammates. He finally addressed the team and could barely get the words out. The following day his mother passed away and he had to address the team again. Four days later he managed to play in the American East championship game as the Catamounts won and got the automatic bid to the tournament.

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