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April 16, 2010 7:00 PM

Atlanta Hawks vs. Milwaukee Bucks

atlanta hawks.gif vs. bucks.gif

Kyle Adams
Hawks 4, Bucks 1

With a healthy Andrew Bogut this series could have been the best first rounder in the East. Instead we have a slightly intriguing match-up, but one the more-talented Hawks should prevail in thanks to their superior size and depth.

Tanner Munroe
Hawks 4, Bucks 0

The Hawks will have no problem rolling over the Bucks, who will be without big man Andrew Bogut. Atlanta has arguably the most athletic six man rotation in the NBA, and that will help them easily sweep a less experienced and over-matched Bucks squad.

Jeff Briggs
Hawks 4, Bucks 1

With Bogut I do believe the Bucks would have pushed this series to seven games. As it is I think they will play most of the games close and pull one out, but ultimately go down in five.

Robbie Gillies
Hawks 4, Bucks 0

Maybe I'm underestimating the Bucks like I did at the beginning of the season but they have no chance. The Hawks are stronger at every position with the possible exceptions of point guard, and Brandon Jennings isn't ready to lead this team to a playoff win.

Samuel Chi
Hawks 4, Bucks 0

The Hawks are young, talented and hungry. The Bucks have no Andrew Bogut. Brandon Jennings might be game for Milwaukee, but he doesn't have much help.

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