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April 16, 2010 7:00 PM

Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat

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Kyle Adams
Celtics 4, Heat 2

The Celtics are fading--fast. But, you can't get too down on this still-talented veteran squad. Wade will have to put the Heat on his shoulders to pull off an upset over the Celtics in a seven-game series. I wouldn't put that past him, but I wouldn't bet on it either.

Tanner Munroe
Heat 4, Celtics 3

Even though the Celtics swept the Heat during the regular season; this series will be very similar to last year's match-up between the Bulls and the Celtics. Boston has lost seven of their last 10 games, and do not look like the same team that won the title in 2008. Dwayne Wade will be the x-factor in this series, and if he's playing well, Miami will have just enough to secure a second round berth.

Jeff Briggs
Celtics 4, Heat 2

If the Celtics roster fell into a Hot Tub Time Machine and went eight years in the past they'd be unstoppable, even with a 16-year-old Rondo running the point. As is, the Celtics will drag this playoff series out longer than it should go but will still beat what is essentially a one-man team.

Robbie Gillies
Celtics 4, Heat 2

Wade is going to torch the Celtics but will get little help from his teammates. The aging Celtics have been waiting for the playoffs all year and will be ready to extinguish the Heat (I even hate myself for writing that).

Samuel Chi
Celtics 4, Heat 2

Without a doubt, this is the swan song for this edition of the Boston Celtics. There's too much pride for Garnett, Pierce, Rivers, et al, to go down in the first round. They won't win the title, but they'll at least get past the Heat.

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