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April 22, 2010 12:50 PM

Chicago Drama

zambrano.jpgThough all parties involved seem to be toeing the company line on the decision to use Carlos Zambrano to shore up the Cubs' struggling bullpen, how long will it be until the man who truly embodies the angst surrounding the Cubs organization storms into Lou Piniella's office and demands a change?

Granted, Big Z doesn't have as much leverage as he once did. A bona fide ace a few years back, Zambrano has struggled as of late (7.45 ERA in 2010). But that doesn't mean his ego has been deflated or his infamous temper has cooled. He's saying all the right things now while making it very clear that he views this as a temporary thing.

"He told me that probably (assistant general manager Randy Bush) or Jim Hendry was looking for an eighth inning guy. And when they find a guy and trade (for a) guy and get that guy here, I will be back to the rotation."

Piniella doesn't sound so sure:

"Temporary?" Piniella said. "We're trying to stabilize things and win some baseball games. This will give Jim and the front office more opportunities hopefully to do something (via a trade). If not, this could be not temporary."

The drama's just beginning.

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