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April 16, 2010 7:00 PM

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Chicago Bulls

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Kyle Adams
Cavaliers 4, Bulls 0

With the addition of Antawn Jamison, the Cavs seem to have found the final piece they need to make a serious run at the title. The Bulls, who are just happy to be here, will be the first victim on what promises to be a merciless march through the playoffs.

Tanner Munroe
Cavaliers 4, Bulls 1

With LeBron James taking the last week of the season off, he'll be a little rusty heading into the playoffs. However, the Bulls don't stand a chance against the East's powerhouse team. With the exception of Derrick Rose at point guard, the Cavs are better at every position, which means this series will be rather anti-climatic.

Jeff Briggs
Cavaliers 4, Bulls 1

Derrick Rose and the Bulls played very well in the last week of the season to secure a playoff spot. For their reward they will be summarily dispatched by the Cavs.

Robbie Gillies
Cavaliers 4, Bulls 1

I'd put the over/under on games at about 5.2. There's a chance the Bulls could push them to six, but no more than that. Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah will give it their all, but LeBron and the Cavs are focused and ready to win it all. But everyone has to be happy the Raptors didn't get the final playoff spot. That would've been one of the worst opening round series ever.

Samuel Chi
Cavaliers 4, Bulls 2

If the Bulls' front office can stop duking it out in the executive hallway for a few minutes, this might be an interesting series. Sometimes a little dysfunction is good for the soul.

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