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April 15, 2010 3:00 PM

Comedy Central and The Onion Team Up

OSN.jpgEver thought to yourself, 'How come there's not a sports version of The Daily Show?' If so, you're human. Who hasn't had that thought? But it's been tried time and time again. Versus has their Sports Soup which is apparently meant to be funny, and Comedy Central had a sports news pilot a few years ago that never got off the ground. But now there is real promise that what so many guys have wished for for years is about to come to fruition.

Comedy Central has picked up 10 episodes of the Onion Sports Network. The Onion Sports Network has had videos online but this is their first attempt to make that leap to TV. If you haven't seen any - here's my particular favorite:

See why I'm excited? Even their CEO is funny, "The Onion Sports Network teaming up with COMEDY CENTRAL?," said Steve Hannah, CEO of The Onion. "If I were ESPN, I'd consider a whole new line of work."

Don't let me down OSN.

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