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April 16, 2010 7:00 PM

Dallas Mavericks vs. San Antonio Spurs

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Kyle Adams
Mavericks 4, Spurs 3

In this battle of aging (yet still very talented) teams each facing one of their last chances at the title, the Spurs simply don't have the consistent scoring to prevail over a very complete Mavericks team led by another player on a mission, Dirk Nowitzki.

Tanner Munroe
Mavericks 4, Spurs 2

These two teams met in the first round last year, and Dallas won the series in just five games. The Spurs are a veteran team with plenty of playoff experience, but their age will likely get the best of them in this series. With Dirk and Kidd leading the way for the Mavericks, Dallas will once again earn a spot in round two.

Jeff Briggs
Mavericks 4, Spurs 3

Many people still cling to the belief that this Spurs team is the same one from 2007 and that they will just turn it on come playoff time. Sorry Spurs fans, not gonna happen. They'll put up a valiant effort, and Tony Parker will be unstoppable, but the Mavericks are just too talented to drop this series in Game 7.

Robbie Gillies
Mavericks 4, Spurs 2

How healthy are the Spurs? Tony Parker was forced back into the lineup when George Hill went out with an injury and Hill hurt himself again in the final game against the Mavs. The health of these two is crucial to the Spurs' chances. Ginobili is playing out of this world but I think the Mavs will take this series. Brendan Haywood will limit Tim Duncan and Nowitzki will score with ease.

Samuel Chi
Mavericks 4, Spurs 1

This Texas shootout will turn out to be more exciting on paper than on the court. The Spurs are too old, too slow and too spent. The Mavs probably won't last long in the playoffs, either, but at least they'll be the state champs.

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