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April 26, 2010 6:28 PM

Former Skins CB Ready to Smother and Cover Again

Smoot Waffle House.jpgI grew up in the suburbs of Washington DC but have been a Bills fan my entire life. 5th grade was a tough year when the Redskins handled the Bills in Super Bowl XXVI. I was teased endlessly and learned to hate the hometown Skins. I've taken great pleasure in watching Dan Snyder ruin the franchise year after year by paying aging veterans a fortune. But now my hatred towards the Skins is in jeopardy.

First, they acquired Donovan McNabb, who is one of the last connections to when my alma mater, Syracuse, was any good at football. And now, Fred Smoot, former Redskins CB, is about to bring a national landmark to our nation's capital.

From DC Sports Bog:

"I'm actually in the process of starting a couple businesses up here. I'm bringing Waffle House to D.C. -- I think they've been yearning for it for a long time. My first location is right off 14th and U, so I'm gonna always be back and forth here, and D.C. know I love them."

Those yellow block letters - a beacon of breakfast goodness will finally make their way to DC. Waffle House's are about as prevalent as Starbucks in the south but they become quite sparse once you hit Northern Virginia. With all the dysfunction coming out of Washington - both in the Skins' organization and the government - it's good to see somebody positively changing things in our nation's capital.

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