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April 16, 2010 7:00 PM

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

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Kyle Adams
Lakers 4, Thunder 1

Kevin Durant will make his mark on the playoffs, but the bright lights of the postseason (and the Staples Center) will be a little too much for this young team. And the Lakers, despite their weak end to the season, will be ready to play.

Tanner Munroe
Lakers 4, Thunder 2

While picking the Thunder is the sentimental pick for many, it's not likely that even Kevin Durant will be able to stop Kobe and the Lakers from advancing to round two. The defending champs will drop a couple games to this young and extremely talented Oklahoma City squad, but, in the end, this series will be all Lakers.

Jeff Briggs
Lakers 4, Thunder 2

The Lakers look shaky and vulnerable coming into the playoffs; however, they are still the Lakers, and the Thunder have no playoff experience at all. Now that games matter again the Lakers will look stronger but still struggle to put the Thunder away quickly.

Robbie Gillies
Lakers 4, Thunder 2

I'm worried. I'm really worried. I'm a huge Lakers fan and have watched nearly every game this season, and in the past two-to-three weeks I've seen almost no signs they are ready to repeat. It wouldn't surprise me if they lost this series. The two keys are how much Andrew Bynum can play and whether or not the Lakers can contain Russell Westbrook. Kevin Durant will get his points. The issue is whether the Lakers guards can stay in front of Westbrook. Still, despite my concerns, I'll stick with experience over youth in this situation and pick the Lakers to advance.

Samuel Chi
Lakers 4, Thunder 1

This series was decided before tip-off of Game 1. Phil Jackson managed to embed himself firmly inside Kevin Durant's cranium with a simple and casual barb. Lakers, pay your $35,000 fine and advance directly to Round 2.

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