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April 16, 2010 7:00 PM

Phoenix Suns vs. Portland Trail Blazers

suns.gif vs. blazers.gif

Kyle Adams
Suns 4, Blazers 1

As I wrote a few days ago, the Blazers can't be overlooked. Still, the Suns are playing as well as they've ever played (and there have even been a few sightings of defense being played in US Airways Arena over the second half of the season). The absence of Robin Lopez won't hurt them here against a Brandon Roy-less Portland, but his health will be a huge factor for them the rest of the postseason.

Tanner Munroe
Suns 4, Blazers 1

Portland will be without their best player Brandon Roy, and that means they don't stand a chance against the Suns. Without a legitimate scoring threat, the Trail Blazers won't be able to keep up with Phoenix and their fast-paced, high-scoring offense.

Jeff Briggs
Suns 4, Blazers 2

The Suns have looked like the best team in basketball lately. The scrappy Blazers will steal a game or two, but are too banged up to be a legitimate threat to knock the Suns off.

Robbie Gillies
Suns 4, Blazers 1

The Suns have won 14 of 16 + the Blazers without Brandon Roy=a foregone conclusion.

Samuel Chi
Suns 4, Blazers 1

This would've been a great match-up until Brandon Roy got hurt. Without him at full strength, Portland won't be able to keep up with the free-flowing and un-Shaq-kled Suns.

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