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May 1, 2010 11:36 AM

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Utah Jazz

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Series Facts
Season Series: Lakers won 3-1
Last Playoff Match-up: 2009 Western Quarterfinals - Lakers 4, Jazz 1

Kyle Adams
Lakers 4, Jazz 1

The Jazz, hobbled by injuries to Mehmet Okur and Andrei Kirilenko, were impressive in their six game series win over the Denver Nuggets. In this series, however, the Lakers' front court tandem will simply be too much. Pau Gasol thrived against the Jazz in the regular season and should do the same in the postseason. And after a close call against the Thunder, the Lakers should now be fully aware of the fact that they're in the playoffs. So, despite Deron Williams' best efforts, a locked-in L.A. team will advance to their third straight conference finals.

Jeff Briggs
Lakers 4, Jazz 2

The Lakers have been inconsistent over the past few months, and it will continue in this series. Expect the Jazz to take games three and four in Utah (and probably blow the Lakers out in one of those games), but ultimately the Lakers will advance in six games for the second straight round.

Tanner Munroe
Lakers 4, Jazz 1

The Lakers shouldn't have a problem handling the hobbled Jazz, since they're simply better at nearly every position. The one exception would be at PG where Deron Williams has an edge over Derek Fisher, but with Fisher's experience and ability to seemingly hit a big shot any time the Lakers need it, the edge isn't much. Factor in Williams possibly dealing with an arm injury and I just don't see how Utah can win.

Robbie Gillies

Lakers 4, Jazz 2

I'd like to say the Lakers would win in five or even sweep the Jazz but they've been way too inconsistent for that to happen. But the Lakers' size is too much for the short-handed Jazz to handle. Deron Williams will average 25 points and 10 assists but he won't get enough help to win this series.

Samuel Chi

Lakers 4, Jazz 2

Now that the china doll, er, excuse me, Andrew Bynum, is hurt again, the Lakers probably will have a tougher time dispatching the Jazz, who are well coached and are difficult to beat at home. But Phil Jackson owns Jerry Sloan, dating back to Jackson's days in Chicago when he beat Utah for his last two titles with the Bulls.

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