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May 16, 2010 4:17 AM

NBA Playoffs: Second Round Recap

KG.jpgThe Celtics' win over the Cavaliers shouldn't have been that surprising considering Boston is healthy and still has the core pieces of the 2008 championship team. But, it was. LeBron seemed to have the players he needed to finally win a title, and he seemed as motivated as he has ever been. But, in a turn of events that surprised everyone (but, again, maybe shouldn't have), LeBron appeared not to have the appetite of a champion. Would Kobe or MJ have ever played a game like Game 5? We found out that maybe, just maybe, it's not the supporting cast that's the problem -- it's LeBron. So, now, we've entered the summer of LeBron, which will be a reality show, a period of hype and unrestrained media excess that rivals anything we've ever seen in sports (read Robbie's great summary of the initial fallout after the Cavs were ousted). So, enjoy the games while you can until the King James PR team takes over ESPN.

LA.jpgBut, back to the playoffs. LeBron's loss is our loss as well. Three of us (Kyle, Jeff and Robbie) picked the Cavs to win it all. Sam picked them to lose to the Lakers in the Finals. Tanner, on the other hand, went against the grain, picking the Magic to win it all -- and now looks like the genius. In the West, Kyle, Tanner and Sam are still alive. Kyle picked the Suns, and Tanner and Sam went with the Lakers.

So, here's where we stand after two rounds (again, missed series are in parentheses):

1. Kyle Adams 10-2 (Cavaliers-Celtics)
2. Jeff Briggs 9-3 (Cavaliers-Celtics; Suns-Spurs)
2. Samuel Chi 9-3 (Cavaliers-Celtics; Suns-Spurs)
4. Robbie Gillies 8-4 (Cavaliers-Celtics; Suns-Spurs)
4. Tanner Munroe 8-4 (Cavaliers-Celtics)

And now we head to the conference finals. Can the Suns keep the hot streak alive? Will David Stern's dream becoming reality again with another Lakers-Celtics Finals? Or will we get a rematch of last year's championship series? Here's our "expert" take on how we think it will all play out:

Western Conference Finals: Lakers vs. Suns

Eastern Conference Finals: Magic vs. Celtics

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