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May 4, 2010 6:04 PM

NFL Offseason Power Ranking Averages

offseason.pngWith three of the eight sites used for the RCS NFL Power Ranking Averages having come out with post-draft power rankings, it's time to launch our first NFL Power Ranking Averages of the 2010 season. Already the Saints have been knocked off their perch, with the Colts starting off in the top spot. The Vikings, amid Brett Favre confusion, and Cowboys follow behind tied for third, and the Packers round out the top five.

The team that has been in the news the most over the past three months, the Steelers, unsurprisingly seem to be the biggest question mark heading into 2010. ESPN and USA Today don't give the Steelers much credit, but the rankers at put the Steelers all the way up at ninth, expecting them to shine in the face of adversity. 

Obviously these rankings are quite premature, but they give us some insight as to who is going to have the highest expectations put upon them this year. Expect another update to the rankings around the start of training camps.

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