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May 3, 2010 12:00 PM

Orlando Magic vs. Atlanta Hawks

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Series Facts
Season Series: Magic won 3-1
Last Playoff Match-up: 1996 Eastern Semifinals - Magic 4, Hawks 1


Kyle Adams
Magic 4, Hawks 1

Before we overreact about the Hawks' struggles against the Bucks, let's remember that this is still an immensely talented team that won 53 games in the regular season. They showed immaturity in overlooking Milwaukee, but nothing more. Once they were focused and committed to playing team basketball in games six and seven, they dominated. And they will be ready to play against Orlando. Unfortunately for Atlanta, even their best effort won't be good enough against Dwight Howard and the well-rested Magic. The size advantage the Hawks had in the first round is gone, and instead of facing a team that is fortunate to score 80, they're facing a deep sharp-shooting team that finished the regular season on a tear. The Magic will cruise into the Eastern Conference Finals, setting up a rematch with Cleveland.

Jeff Briggs
Magic 4, Hawks 1

There is simply no way the Hawks can beat the Magic in Orlando. They proved during the Milwaukee series that they can still not be trusted on the road in the playoffs, losing two of three. Even during the regular season the Hawks were under .500 on the road. All the Magic need to do is take either Game 3 or 4 in Atlanta and they can close this series out in five and we can begin the series everyone has been waiting for in the East.

Tanner Munroe
Magic 4, Hawks 2

The Magic cruised through the first round, while the Hawks struggled against a Bucks squad that's not on the same level as Orlando. Atlanta will play a lot better in Round 2, but there's still no way they can hang with the Magic. The Hawks will pull out two wins at home, but will only serve as small speed bump on Orlando's road to this years title.

Robbie Gillies
Magic 4, Hawks 1

The Magic swept the Bobcats with almost no offensive output from Dwight Howard. Howard will respond with a big series and the Magic will easily take care of the Hawks in five games.

Samuel Chi
Magic 4, Hawks 3

The Hawks blow hot and cold, as evidenced by their seven-game series against Milwaukee when they rallied from the brink of extinction to advance. Atlanta has enough talent to compete with Orlando, but without home-court advantage and with the occasional mental lapses, it won't be enough.

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