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May 1, 2010 11:39 AM

Phoenix Suns vs. San Antonio Spurs

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Series Facts
Season Series: Suns won 2-1
Last Playoff Match-up: 2008 Western Quarterfinals - Spurs 4, Suns 1


Kyle Adams
Suns 4, Spurs 3

Robert Horry may be gone, but the bad blood remains between these two titans of the 2000s. Written off by many as teams that had passed their prime, the Spurs and the Suns are enjoying a resurgence in 2010 as they refuse to accept the passing of their era. Make no mistake, though, this is probably the last chance for both teams, which means this series will be as contentious, competitive and enthralling as their 2007 match-up in the same round. Without Robin Lopez to anchor the post, the Suns will have to be at their sharp-shooting best. I believe they will, and I still have concerns about San Antonio's ability to create offense consistently (especially when George Hill comes back down to earth). It will be the best series of the playoffs, and the Suns will get their revenge on the team that has ousted them from the postseason four times in the past eight years.

Jeff Briggs
Spurs 4, Suns 3

This key to this series will be the pace of the games. The Spurs will look to slow down the Suns with typical physical Spurs playoff basketball. In the end the Suns will fall to the Spurs in another heated series reminiscent of their 2007 battle.

Tanner Munroe
Suns 4, Spurs 2

The Spurs surprised a lot of people by taking down the Mavericks in the first round, but don't expect them to have the same luck against the Suns. Phoenix runs a fast paced game that I don't think the aging Spurs can keep up with. As long as the Suns stick to what they do best, which is run the floor on every possession, then they should be able to make short work of a Spurs squad that is no longer the championship contender they once were.

Robbie Gillies
Spurs 4, Suns 2

This prediction would be reversed if Robin Lopez was going to return for the Suns but his back injury is expected to keep him out at least through this series. The Spurs will manage to control the pace in enough games to take down the Suns. Tim Duncan will have a monster series and as long as the Spurs can limit Jason Richardson, they'll be just fine.

Samuel Chi
Spurs 4, Suns 2

The Spurs may be old and on their last legs, but as a group they're still formidable because they know how to win playoff games and how to kill the tempo of their opponents. They never allow you to be comfortable. The Suns have more weapons but just like the Mavs, they don't have the toughness to survive the kind of street brawls needed to win championships.

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