RCS Sidelines

May 8, 2010 10:42 AM

S. Africa Police Chief Roots Against the U.S.

obama.jpgThose that thought the improved global opinion of the U.S. under Barack Obama would carry over to the soccer field will be disappointed to find out that South Africa's police commissioner, Bheki Cele, is pulling for the U.S. to go out early.

OK. It has nothing to do with Obama's policies or South Africa's view of America. Instead, it has to do with the mammoth security challenge that will fall on his shoulders if America advances past the group stage and Obama decides to make the trip to South Africa. This will only compound the existing security challenges facing the tournament. You know, things like threats of white supremacist and al-Qaeda attacks.

But will Obama even have a chance to consider going? He should. When all is said and done in Group C, England should be the only team on top of the U.S. Then again, no one really expected us to lose to Ghana in 2006. As close observers know, when it comes to U.S. soccer, unpredictability reigns.

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