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May 27, 2010 9:30 AM

Stan Van Gundy Blasts Wilbon for No Reason

Wilbon vs SVG.jpgStan Van Gundy has never been shy to speak his mind. So when reporters asked him about comments PTI/NBA analyst Michael Wilbon said about Van Gundy's job security, he let him have it. But was it justified? Van Gundy's response was,

No, I'm not worried about my job security and I'm less worried about what Michael Wilbon would think about anything. ... People comment on things and that's fine -whatever. Michael Wilbon, to my knowledge, has never done anything competitive, never been in a locker room. never had to play, never had to coach, never had to make a decision. He's one of those guys who is a talking head.
He even said that the reason he badmouthed him is because he has refused to be on PTI. What exactly did Wilbon say to get him so riled up? Well, first off, Van Gundy almost definitely didn't hear the radio interview in which Wilbon made the comments, but here's what Wilbon said on Dan Le Batard's radio show,

I'm not one of those guys who likes to pound on Stan Van Gundy. I thought he got completely hosed in Miami. ... I think there are things that Stan does very well. I think he was sabotaged in this case by the trading -- not the trading but the letting go to free agency -- of his best offensive player (Hedo Turkoglu) ... I think that Stan probably will be fired (if Magic lose to Celtics). I don't know how you fire him. I really don't ... I've already heard the rumblings that he will be fired if they don't win this series.

Wilbon's actually defending the man. And it's not like he's even saying he thinks Van Gundy should be fired. He's just saying he's "heard rumblings." Maybe Van Gundy was just a little on edge because his Magic were down 3-1. Maybe he's not quite so cranky now that his Magic climbed within a game of tying the series with their Game 5 win.  Van Gundy should save his vitriol for people who deserve it like Skip Bayless (Is he still even around? I swear I haven't watched a non-sporting event on ESPN in months).

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