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May 26, 2010 4:08 PM

The Devil Rays Are Back

Stingray.jpgIn 2007 the Devil Rays dropped the 'Devil' and just became the Rays. Maybe it's time to put that devil back in the name. Infielder Sean Rodriguez was stung by an actual stingray while at the beach behind his condo on Tuesday. 

From the St. Petersburg Times:

...he took his 2-year-old daughter, Sofia, a couple of feet into the water for a closer look at some dolphins.

A few steps (and a stingray shuffle or two) later, he saw something flash through the water and felt something on his right heel.

"I actually thought it was a catfish at first, that it grazed me. I didn't think much of it," Rodriguez said. "And then I got out of the water, and I was like whoooaaaa."

They called 911 as a precaution but Rodriguez was just fine. He lost some blood and needed some padding on the cut but managed to play that night after Carl Crawford was ejected in the fifth inning.

While clearly the worst team Rodriguez could play for in this situation would be the Tigers, but what would be the best/most hilarious? Maybe the Indians if it took place at a casino? If it were the Pirates it could explode into some big international incident. But I'll go with the Angels. Because if you're getting attacked by Angels you must be one major badass.

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